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Turkey is often described as a bridge between the East and West. Okay, that might be something of a cliché - but it does help to illuminate part of the enduring and endearing mix of cultures that pervade this fascinating country.

Istanbul - which is sometimes mistakenly considered to be the capital of Turkey - does indeed lie on two continents which are separated by the Bosphorus Strait.

The Golden Horn is not the stretch of water which divides Europe from Asia, a common misconception. The Golden Horn is entirely in Europe. It leads into the Bosphorus, which is the water that divides the two continents and which joins the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara, which in turn leads into the Mediterranean. This is one reason Istanbul has always been of great strategic importance.

The popular tourist attractions such as Haghia Sophia and the Blue Mosque lie on the European side in the Sultanahmet district. That, however, is just a tiny fraction of the whole country; the balance of Istanbul and the rest of Turkey lie entirely in Asia. The actual capital, Ankara, is in central Turkey but has a population less than half that of İstanbul. 

The time in Turkey is two hours ahead of GMT – but time is often not such an important part of life in Turkey.

The official currency of Turkey is the Lira. 

The Turkish language seems to be difficult to learn  but some effort to use a few of the basic phrases will be both rewarding for yourself and will show a level of respect for the Turkish people and their language. 

Istanbul’s climate is beautiful all year round. It can get a little hot in July and August but that is only to be expected. Plus, there is always somewhere that you can find some shade or air-conditioning to cool you down. Winters can be cold at times in Istanbul.







      Turkish people are extremely patriotic.The country and its symbol , the flag are very  important.

      The Turks are romantic and melancholic.Most if the songs are about love .

      On the streets you see people with serious faces.

      the temper may change rapidly , they can act extremely furious but forget the next minute.

      Turkish  people have a positive way of interpreting things happening.

      There are different behavior patters expected from men and women.Whereas a woman should be quiet , shy , obedient and be a good house wife ,

       the man should be brave , loud ,and ready to fight  , not show feelings and know no fear. Most turkish men have a moustache.

       Although being a conservative and muslim culture, in big cities like istanbul , differences are easily absorbed.

       You can observe superstitious behavior a lot in daily life.The blue evil eye is almost everywhere as a protection from the evil , words like “maasallah” are used

       often as a protection from bad luck , killing a spider brings bad luck .....